June 21, 2022

Featuring Steve Cunningham

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San Antonio’s Own Social Entrepreneur

In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Steve Cunningham.

Steve Cunningham is an entrepreneur (,, and WeTree) who is dedicated to exploring and executing at the intersection of mental health and personal growth. He is passionate about helping people unlock the power of their inner circle to transform the mental and physical health.

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:27] Who is Steve Cunningham? [05:32]

[05:38] What was the idea behind “WeTree”? [14:03]

  • Every single person is struggling with the feeling of fear and anxiety.
  • Usually, people don’t share their mental status with family and friends due to some reason.
  • The first step towards “WeTree”

[15:37] We don’t have enough primary care providers to deal with lower-level stress. [16:15]

[16:22] Suicide issues are a major concern. [18:03]

  • 18% of the teenagers have planned how to commit suicide, 8-9% out of which actually tried!

[18:06] How does WeTree help people? [23:54]

  • The solution to all these mental issues is to build strong and close relationships.
  • Your shared information and data are safe with WeTree.

[24:55] How does Steve manage different businesses? [27:49]

  • How to manage the SaaS world?

[27:51] Steve’s best piece of advice to the people with different ideas from their existing family business…[29:30]

Memorable Quotes:

“A flourishing life is more than just happiness.”

The beginning of a mental health crisis: “Everything will be better as we are coming out of the pandemic.”

“Your mental health is connected to your long-term physical health.”

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