EPISODE 31 • November 1, 2022

Yes, we care! – With Allison DePaoli  

While in the previous episodes we talked about the crucial importance of communication in business, this week we focus on what needs to be communicated in detail. It is pertinent for a business to have their employees covered for their healthcare related costs. So, lets delve deep into the importance of a sound healthcare plan especially for employees at the leadership level.

EPISODE 30 • October 25, 2022

The Two W’s of Communication in Business

Ever wondered why and what you exactly need to communicate in business? As discussed in last week’s episode, communication is integral to any business. This episode further delves into what exactly you need to communicate with your employees and why.

EPISODE 27 • October 18, 2022

Communicate the Right Way!

Ever wondered how communication can upscale your business? Well, find out here as communication is a master key that open opportunities for employers as well as employees.

EPISODE 28 • October 11, 2022

The Fantastic Four


I am pretty sure someone is going to complain about me saying that.... but not the four women on the stage with me.. because they are mama bears for their clients.

Each is a powerful entrepreneur in her own right and that we are all friends and have very frank conversations... that is just gravy!!!

EPISODE 27 • October 4, 2022

Healthcare for Gen Z women and why it isn’t the same old same old!

Jennifer Newell, Founder of Betty's Co - will change the face of young women's healthcare. She is a remarkable business owner and change agent... what she has to say will shift your perspective on how healthcare is different for young women... and no, this is not a political statement!

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