October 4, 2022

Featuring Jennifer Newell

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Healthcare for Gen Z women and why it isn’t the same old same old!

This episode of Raising the Bar features Jennifer Newell who is a young, female entrepreneur whose life was majorly affected by a medical misdiagnosis. She did not let it slow her down!  Instead when she found out the right diagnosis, she did all that she could to raise awareness for the standard of healthcare that has been set for women. She talks about the challenges she faced and the perspective people have towards women and the healthcare facilities they have readily available. 

Tune into this episode to change your perspective on how healthcare is different for younger women! This episode is all fun and an eye opener!

You might say Betty’s Co. found Jennifer first. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, sending her as an infertile person to solo-navigate a space in healthcare that operated with pregnancy at its center. Her early exposure revealed a massive care gap. From starting their periods up to pregnancy planning, younger women simply were not getting care. Nearly 20 years after her diagnosis, women’s healthcare looked very much the same. GO

Jennifer set out to create the change needed. Betty’s Co. is a product of Jennifer’s experience as a patient and as a professional, with nearly 15 years in healthcare and higher education marketing. Jennifer’s earliest years in the world of healthcare consulting were spent on the other end of the phone with hospital, health system, and medical group CEOs discussing their physician alignment challenges and how to solve them. Throughout her career, she has built and nurtured several high-performing business development, content, and product marketing teams.

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