In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Andrew Cass.

We’ve all been there: Business is running along smoothly, and then, all of a sudden – a major problem!

This week’s guest, Andrew Cass, provides some great guidance for avoiding this scenario.

His advice, ‘Don’t expect what you don’t inspect’, should always be top of mind:

·    when creating processes

·    when managing your sales team (he got great tips on HOW to do this)

·    when prioritizing what to work on next (this might be the most important thing you do)

Andrew has grown three seven-figure businesses and mentored multiple others, and he finds great pleasure in digging into a business to find small hinges that can create significant changes.

And, if you’re looking for a way to manage ALL of your marketing from ONE central platform – without losing your mind – then his newest venture, Pipeline Pro, ( is going to change your business life!

Are you ready to Raise the Bar?

Make sure to take away the notes!

Conversation Highlights:

[00:56] How important is it to sustain a business?

●    What is the weakness in the market?

[04:04] What is the biggest pet peeve in business?

[05:57] What should the restaurant do to grow?

[11:03] What does Andrew think about follow-up?

●    Why is face-to-face follow-up important?

[13:24] How does Andrew manage his sales team?

[16:55] How did Andrew start Pipeline Pro?

[19:07] How do Andrew plan the best service tools?

●    What is “SAAS”?

[22:38] How is “What’s next” important in business?

[24:34] “You are only limited by your own creativity.”

[29:28] Commitment to a long-term follow-up is the most important thing you can do for your business.

[29:50] “What’s the one thing in a week” is important for your business process.

Memorable Quotes:

“Little hinges swing big doors.”

“You should be a resource for your client.”

“Knowing when to talk to people is really important!.

“The more known you have with your sales process, the more efficient the business is; the more unknown you have, the more unstable the sales process is.

“Predictability is the key in business.”

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