EPISODE 2 • October 19, 2021

How Stewardship, WOOO, and Joy Promote your Company’s Success

What do Stewardship, WOOO, and Joy have in common? Why Ed Howie, of course! Ed is the CEO of BTY Creative, Founding Partner of Gusto, a philanthropist and spin instructor. He is an industry expert on how to help brands sell more and he is on a mission to inspire 1Million Joys. Tune in for how to inspire your team, your community and how to create WOO not POO. Oh! And learn the most important question to ask when hiring someone!

EPISODE 1 • October 4, 2021

Cracking the Employee Retention Code

Employee Retention is a hot topic lately. Today, we are talking with Will Walker, the second generation CEO at Walker Forge in Milwaukee WI who has cracked the code of employee retention. As he is quick to point out, every business is unique, but when 35% of your workforce is a member of the “Twenty Year Club,” something has gone well. Will shares all their practices for employee retention.

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