EPISODE 25 • September 20, 2022

The Growth Formula

... when we talk about what non-profits, construction, energy companies and government contractors have in common. ... oh ... and that Growth Formula!

EPISODE 24 • September 13, 2022

Healthcare Quality and Costs

Not only are they necessary in my field - Health Insurance - they take time to build and sometimes it can feel like rolling a rock up a hill. In this episode I explain the importance of having a decent healthcare coverage for the employees and simultaneously, explain the importance of saving money by the employers when it comes to buying healthcare.

EPISODE 23 • September 6, 2022

Trust and Transparency

Not only are they necessary in my field - Health Insurance - they take time to build and sometimes it can feel like rolling a rock up a hill.
My guest today, Amanda Keammerer, has built her career on building connections between people in diverse industries and communities... creating Trust and Transparency.
Doesn't seem like Cyber Security would be transparent, yet it is.
What else did we talk about? Well... dogs!!!

EPISODE 22 • August 23, 2022

The Visionary and the Integrator

The episode starts with Amie’s introduction and how her ex-military brother was a great advantage for their business. She explains how her military background plays a vital role in organizing her business through EOS and Traction. She believes that moving forward bit-by-bit and getting better every day should be the target. Amie also elaborates on the importance of coordination between the team and the implementation of the ideas. She talks about how the growing number of women in Commercial Real Estate has positively impacted the male-dominated society. Amie also shares some key tactics in the world of Business Communications and gives her best piece of advice for the listeners!

EPISODE 21 • August 2, 2022

The Flywheel of Employee Wellbeing

During this conversation, Jennifer speaks about her work experience at the Sustainable Health Index. She adds that the Sustainable Health Index is like a Radar graph! Most employers don't understand the everyday financial stress of the people. That is why a sustainable and healthy workforce is a competitive advantage. Find out the factors Jennifer considers before working with a company. She believes that business exists to produce profit but humans mean to be healthy and productive as well. Jennifer also shares some insights on the Social-Ecological Model and dives deep into the Fish, Bowl, and Water Theory. Watch out for the practical advice she gives the employers at the end of this episode!

EPISODE 20 • July 19, 2022

Making the Business of Medicine Work for Employers

During this conversation, Keith addresses how doctors make terrible employees and shares the right way to be a medical professional. He strongly advocates for pricing transparency, thus publishing the Service Pricing on his website. Meanwhile, Allison shares her personal experience with Keith and how his cost-effective pricing helps a patient and his family. Later in the episode, Keith divulges the “Easy Come, Easy Go” policy he follows while working at the Hospital. The focus of this episode then shifts toward the importance of Direct Primary Care and Relative Value Unit. Keith also shares about his mentorship program for medical students and gives his best piece of advice for the listeners!

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