EPISODE 17 • May 24, 2022

Rebuilding Trust in Your Business

During this conversation, Ami Feller speaks of her experiences in this male-dominant industry. She talks about her ventures which have played a crucial role in the growth of the pink community. Ami explains the Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored Group and gives you a 10-day challenge to help you raise the bar. She divulges the secret ingredients that made her a million-dollar business owner and even shares some of the horrible incidents she faced to help you stay alert. We wrap up the episode with Ami’s growth trajectory; meanwhile, she gives her best piece of advice.

EPISODE 16 • May 10, 2022

How to Raise an Entrepreneur

During this conversation, Adam Rosen speaks about his early-age experiences as an entrepreneur during this conversation. He finds it essential to create a solid system that drives the business and makes your team more effective. He says that trust and consciousness are imperative but providing value is the most crucial factor in the industry. Adam also explains the difference between managing and leading a team. In the end, he divulges his method for effectively teaching his team and talks about the importance of being direct about employees' mistakes.

EPISODE 15 • April 25, 2022

Growing Second-Generation Leaders

During this conversation, Mike Riley recalls how his father helped him level up his leadership skills and describes the bond they developed over their time working together. He also explains why private equity is terrible for healthcare, emphasizes the importance of the Sustainable Health Index, and unpacks the driving theory behind the Sustainable Health Index - the “Fish, Water, Bowl” theory. He goes on to describe the similarities between a fish tank and an organization. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Finally, he concludes the episode by explaining why companies incorporate the Sustainable Health Index.

EPISODE 14 • April 12, 2022

How to Grow Great Leaders in Mid-size Companies

During this conversation, Don Ochsenreiter talks about judging the right talent. He believes that the wrong person in an organization is like cancer and is needed to be removed for the company to function correctly. He explains the difference between Management and Leadership and divulges what he looks for in a Leader? Don also shares his hiring process and focuses on ways to grow your Small or Mid-size company into a large one? In the end, he shares the best way to manage the people in your company effectively.

EPISODE 13 • March 29, 2022

Why Are People Firing Your Company?

During this conversation, Henry talks about his company, Mosaic Human Capital Solutions, that provides practical human resource capital solutions. He speaks about Talent Acquisition and explains how recruiting new talent takes your business to a whole new level! Henry says that tracking your yield is the key feature of being successful in the market. Further, he shares the unique qualities of a good HR officer, meanwhile commenting on whether you should outsource your recruitment process or not. Henry also discusses one of the biggest problems in the market nowadays. Later, he adds that being self-aware is the most crucial skill you can have as a leader and winds up the episode with a message for Senior HR leaders.

EPISODE 12 • March 15, 2022


During this conversation, Darryl Lyons speaks about how he identifies his clients and, most essentially, those who are not. He talks about various challenges in financial services and describes the importance of family.
Further, he talks about behavior and discipline, which not only polish your business life but also play a crucial role in your personal life by making you a better person.
Change your habits and modify them every day; try to be better than yesterday.
He asks the audience to always analyze themselves as it helps to overcome stress and anxiety.
In the end, he discusses his books and describes his experience as a Forbes council member.

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